Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wire-Transfer Shops May Provide Hackers An Easy Target

"According to a study to be released on Thursday, nearly 60 percent of PCs examined in 300 wire-transfer businesses in Los Angeles and Las Vegas were infected with viruses capable of stealing financial information.

"Panda Security, a Spanish software vendor, conducted the study and found various malicious viruses on the computers including keyloggers that record keystrokes, allowing hackers backdoor access to compromised machines.

"Some of the examined machines held private data including Social Security numbers, and credit card numbers.

"The study was unable to determine if any of the information had been successfully stolen. According to researchers, the study served to show that there are still significant weaknesses in the wire-transfer shops.

"'It's a disaster waiting to happen,' said Carlos Zevallos, who led the study."

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