Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Predictions 2009: Greatest Risks to Banks

10 Faces of Fraud: The Greatest Risks to Banks in 2009
ATMs, Checks Top List of Key Vulnerabilities

From Hannaford Brothers to Countrywide, this year has been full of stories of criminal activity on the Internet, with hackers and phishers wreaking havoc on computer systems and consumers, causing credit and debit fraud numbers to soar.

What does next year hold for fraud against financial institutions? Here are 10 of the new and old ways criminals will be looking to commit fraud in 2009.

1. ATM Network Fraud

2. Check Fraud

3. 'Laser-Guided' Precision Strikes

4. Phishing Attacks To Continue

5. Check Image Fraud

6. Zero Day Attacks

7. Low 'N Slow Attacks

8. Drive-By Attacks Deliver

9. Phones Will Be Ringing

10. Insider Threat

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