Wednesday, December 24, 2008

IT Workers Are Evil

[NOTE: this blog post quotes a study of "office workers", yet the headline specifically fingers "IT ethics". I'm not sure how that follows, but considering the trade press has been demonizing IT workers lately it comes as no surprise that ZDNet would publish garbage like this. -HinkyDink]

"With a major recession in full-swing, someone had to come up with a survey covering the ethics of office workers in three countries. The punch line: a large percentage of folks surveyed would steal confidential company data in the event of layoff rumors. The results are fairly ugly, painting a negative picture of ethics in the workplace.

"Security firm, Cyber-Ark, conducted the survey, called The Global Recession and its Effect on Work Ethics. The company interviewed 600 workers in the US, UK, and the Netherlands.

"When asked how far respondents would go to keep their job, 15 percent of Americans said they would consider blackmailing their boss!"

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