Sunday, December 7, 2008

Insiders Pose New Threats In Down Economy

By Tim Wilson

Rene Rebollo was strapped for cash. One day, while working in his office at the Pasadena branch of Countrywide Home Loan, he noticed one computer in the building whose USB port hadn't been disabled by the company's IT department. Then, according to FBI affidavits, Rebollo got an idea.

Every Sunday night for approximately two years, Rebollo went over to that workstation and downloaded confidential data on as many as 20,000 Countrywide customers to a small USB drive that he could carry out of the office in his pocket. He then sold the valuable data for as little as $500 to an accomplice, who fenced it. Over the two-year period, Rebollo may have sold as many as 2 million records, according to some estimates.

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