Thursday, December 11, 2008

Checkpoint VPN1 Code For Sale

"Hello world,

"Checkpoint VPN1 is currently one of the most comercial wide used firewall in the market.

"Checkpoints products are currently protecting (hehe right...) from medium and small business to highest corporative and government systems.

"Secure Plataform is a linux based system, developed by checkpoint, it incorporates all the checkpoint firewall and perimeter security products in one system, Secure Plataform is wide used, and recently is being deployed in appliances.

"In a few words what i mean is, some of the most SENSATIVE SYSTEMS and important organizations, are running checkpoint VPN1.

"Like cisco was, checkpoint has been owned for some time, we have all the source code CVS REPOSITORY for sell, lot's bugs waiting for somebody to exploit, will not be need a magnific hacker to find and exploit vulnerabilities in their code.

"We include with the source code cvs tree a special bonus, a remote root expoit for smartcenter on secureplataform (you can port the code to any other plataform too, because the product is the same on any OS, the vuln exists in all), This exploit is prepared to own all versions of checkpoint from R55 TO R65 on splat.

"All negociation by email ."

From FullDisclosure Mailing List
[Link not available at press time -Ed.]

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