Friday, December 26, 2008

ITSec Industry: 2009 Full of Opportunities

"The 'Homeland Security Threat Assessment' for the next five years ought to be a must read for all our leaders as a new year begins. We can’t be complacent even during a recession.

"I’ll never forget the answer a top Homeland Security official during a North Carolina Technology Association event when I asked what threat caused to have nightmares. A homegrown group of unknown terrorist wannabes mixing a toxic bacteriological brew in a bathtub, he said. Operating below law enforcement’s radar, such a group could cause devastation and panic with an attack using some sort of infectious agent...

"Preventing terrorism from hackers as well as from other threats such as bioterrorism also remains continued opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to develop tools and technology to keep us safe."

From localnewswire...

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