Friday, December 26, 2008

FBI On Hacker Hunt Road Trip

"America's crime hunters, the FBI, are on a worldwide computer-crime chase that has brought them to New Zealand.

"They are looking for a hacker who has headed up a global group using other people's computers as a vehicle for cyber crime.

"Since June last year, the group is thought to have attacked more than a million computers, ripping off victims to the tune of nearly $20 million...

"The FBI probe has seen a series of arrests around the world...

"Authorities in New Zealand, working in collaboration with the FBI Philadelphia office, conducted a search this week at the residence of an individual who goes by the cyber ID of akill.

"Akill is believed to be the ringleader of an elite international botnet coding group that is being blamed for infecting more than a million computers, making money for organised crime."

From TVNZ...

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