Saturday, December 20, 2008

And You Thought Those "7 Habits" Classes Were Bad

"Alexander Godelman and Marc Le Shay, two Diskeeper employees have filed a complaint in the Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that Scientology training was a condition of employment and that their refusal to participate led to their dismissal. According to the complaint, 'the working conditions and work environment at DISKEEPER were inextricably intertwined with the Scientology religion such that a non-Scientologist cannot escape constant impositions of said religion.'

"When Godelman complained that these programs ran counter to his own religious belief, former Diskeeper CEO and current Chairman Craig Jensen told Godelman that his attendance at the 'training courses' was 'not negotiable,' adding that Godelman would become more intelligent and his personal life would 'improve drastically.' Jensen also warned Godelman to not 'complain about the process' in emails, which Jensen feared would be 'misconstrued' and/or 'taken out of context.' Le Shay was eventually fired after he refused to attend and participate in a course series entitled 'Basic Study Manual' and after Godelman interceded on Le Shay's behalf, Godelman was also terminated."


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