Saturday, December 20, 2008

Do Never Blog

"A company should protect its reputation by setting up a code of conduct, especially for employees who communicate with customers using an open-forum blog, says John Sarno, president of the Employers Association of New Jersey.

In an era when one’s online presence can extend far beyond local borders, what gets said about a company on the Web can have lasting consequences.

"Employers and employees alike are exploring the world of blogging, a popular form of online journaling, for professional and personal use. Blogs can be used by businesses as a form of marketing, to share details with potential customers on products and services, but unregulated comments made online by employees have the potential to spread negative images, sensitive information and even misinformation about a company.

"The Employers Association of New Jersey in Livingston warns that many businesses have yet to address what is appropriate blogging activity by employees, including after work hours. John Sarno, president of EANJ, said while employees might assume the First Amendment allows them to blog without consequence, their words may land them in hot water.

"'Blogging is another form of off-duty conduct that may harm the reputation of the company,' Sarno said."

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