Monday, December 22, 2008

Fishy-Looking Company Claims "Unbreakable Encryption"

[NOTE: this was an odd circular press release. Originally it was found at A link inside this story pointed to the Web site of a company called Praetorian Key. The entire content of Praetorian Key's Web site was the same, exact press release. The company appears to have come out of nowhere, and a Google search on "Praetorion Key, Inc." will get you (at the present time) seven links to this same press release. In other words, the very existence of the company is suspect, let alone the outrageous claims they make in their (poorly written) press release. -Hinky]

"Unbreakable Encryption?

"One company that claims to have created such a program is Praetorian Key, Inc. Their program, they claim, is better than an 'old style' alphanumeric encryption program, and that it prevents any chance of access to encrypted data via keyboard, mouse, or remote attacker using a network or the internet or a network.

"The only way to decrypt locked files is to use a separate 'key' on a CD, DVD, or USB drive. According to the company it would take nine trillion years to break the code without a key.

"CEO Howard Budwin issued an open challenge to hackers to see if anyone could decrypt the files encrypted by Praetorian Key, but no one has succeeded yet, not even the author of the program. 'Even if a team of hackers executed a brute force attack, it could not be done. It's like being protected by Brinks, the FBI, and the CIA combined.'"

From Praetorian Key, et. al.

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