Saturday, December 20, 2008

"STUDY": Hackers Put The Hammer Down

[NOTE: you always have to take vendor studies with a grain of salt. This month there have been dozens of reports bemoaning the fact that "the hackers are winning". The vendors pushing this viewpoint don't seem to realize it reflects badly on them. Of course, if they couldn't spread FUD, they'd have hardly any advertising at all. -HinkyDink]

"Zero-day malware accounted for 26 percent of blocked threats in November, says web security firm ScanSafe.

"In its monthly Global Threat Report, ScanSafe said the rate of zero-day malware blocks increased in November to 26 percent of blocks, compared to 16 percent in October. The number is also significantly higher than the 19 percent average reported for the year.

"In a zero day attack, hackers are faster than software vendors and security providers by exploiting vulnerabilities before vendors have time to fix them."

More at Feces PC World...

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