Sunday, December 28, 2008

9 Year Old Is Youngest MCP

"It might come as a surprise to many of us but a nine year old girl has been able to pass a Microsoft Certified Professional examination, and has become the youngest person to ever pass this test.

"M. Lavinashree, who belongs to the rural Tamil Nadu, cleared the exam, taken by techies for better job prospects, with very good marks. The exam measures problem-solving skills.

"She even broke the record held by Arfa Karim, a ten-year-old Pakistani girl.

"The nine year old Lavinashree has a photographic memory and she made news when she was just three as she recited 1,330 couplets of Universal Thirukural, a Tamil classical poem composed by a Tamil sage, Thiruvalluvar, 2000 years ago.

"Other than this, she has also been honored with the title, “Little Genius”, in the online test, conducted by Ankit Fadia and Reliance World.

"But it would be sad to know that while Lavinashree is listed in Wikipedia's child prodigies her own page on the site is up for deletion this week because the editors do not feel she is notable enough."

From TopNews India...

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