Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hackers PWN Ticketmaster

"If you're hoping to score tickets to Coldplay's Vancouver concerts when they go on sale Saturday, you could find yourself up against computer hackers who can order up hundreds and even thousands of tickets in the time it would take you to punch in a single order.

"Scalpers looking to jump the online queue can program a computer to circumvent Ticketmaster's website security and automatically order tickets at speeds far beyond ones the ordinary buyer could hope to match...

"`Maybe it takes you a minute-and-a-half to click through to buy a ticket, in that minute-and-a-half the hacker could have made 100,000 ticket requests," said Ryan Purita, a forensic examiner and security specialist with Sherlock Forensics. "You cannot beat a hacker script...`"

Source: Vancouver Sun...

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