Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another "Study" Jumps On The Anti-IT Bandwagon

"Enterprises increasingly worry that their employees may be more willing to steal data or sell insider knowledge because of the poor economy, according to an annual security survey conducted by KPMG International.

"Sixty-six percent of respondents felt that out-of-work IT staffers would be tempted to join the criminal underground, driven in part by threats to bonuses, job losses and worthless stock options.

"The E-crime Survey 2009, presented at the E-Crime Congress in London on Tuesday, surveyed 307 private companies, government organizations and law enforcement agencies.

"In the survey, KPMG said that fraud committed by managers, employees and customers tripled last year in comparison with 2007, which indicates that the recession will likely only exacerbate those problems..."

More lies at ComputerWorld...

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