Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"The Big Bad Database of Senator Norm Coleman"

"Wikileaks has released detailed lists of the controversial Republican Senator Norm Coleman's supporters and donors. Some 51,000 individuals are represented.

"Although politically interesting in their own right, the lists, which are part of an enourmous 4.3Gb database leak from the Coleman campaign, provide proof to the rumors that sensitive information--including thousands of supporter's credit card numbers--where put onto the Internet on January 28 as a result of sloppy handling by the campaign.

"Senator Coleman collected detailed information on every supporter and website visitor and retained unencrypted credit card information from donors, including their security codes. Although made aware of the leak in January, Senator Coleman kept the breach secret, failing to inform contributors, in violation of Minnesota Statute 325E.61."

Good reading at WikiLieaks...

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