Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Official: "Less Than 80%" of Nigerians Involved In Cybercrime

"A 2008 Internet Crime report listed Nigeria as number three on the list of the world’s top 10 online crime spots.

"Although, the Federal Government and a number of other stakeholders are campaigning against cybercrime in the country, the prevalence of young people involved in Internet scam, now known all over the world as advance fee fraud or ‘419’, has battered the image of the youths so much that an average Nigerian is perceived as a potential scammer.

"Experts said reversing the trend was not just timely, but exigently necessary for the Nigerian youths.

"Speaking on the issue, the Chief Operating Officer, Computer Warehouse Group, Mr. Phillip Obioha, said, `I do not agree with the statistics that 80 per cent of Internet users engage in illicit activities. Most transactions are done online; online banking alone is an example. No one can say that is illicit.`

"Although there may be a few bad eggs that use the Internet for online fraud, but, according to Obioha, they are less than 80 per cent."

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