Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heartland Dominoes Continue To Fall

"At least two local financial institutions reissued new credit and debit cards to customers in recent weeks after Visa and MasterCard discovered a security breach at a New Jersey card processor.

"Heartland Payment Systems, which processes 100 million transactions a month for 175,000 merchants, learned Jan. 20 that someone outside the U.S. had hacked into its system, said spokesman Jason Maloni.

"Dollar Bank reissued an undisclosed number of cards in late January, said vice president Jim Carroll Jr.

"Elliott Federal Credit Union, Jeannette, issued new cards to about 100 of its 500 cardholders, said CEO Jim Benson.

"Neither institution reported cardholders were defrauded. Only cardholder names and account numbers were compromised, not Social Security numbers, addresses or phone numbers, said Maloni. He could not estimate how many cardholders were affected."

From TribLive...

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