Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Banking Trojans Outrun Anti-Virus

"The ease of online banking is putting more Internet hackers on easy street.

"A report Monday in USA Today indicated the number of programs designed to gain access to bank accounts had increased from almost 17,000 in January 2008 to more than 59,000 by the end of the year...

"The latest advances in Internet bank theft include the use of trojan programs that can slip onto an unsuspecting computer's hard drive through a viral link on a greeting card or in e-mail spam.

"The trojan then hides out on the hard drive and waits until the computer user logs onto a banking Web site. The program then acquires user names and passwords or copies the log-on page.

"One Internet security expert says banking trojans are more advanced and evolving faster than anti-virus solutions."

Read more at the Topeka Capital-Journal...

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