Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trolls on FaceBook?

"Social networking Web sites have become a popular way to find old classmates, stay connected with friends, or make new friends.

"Unfortunately, hackers have learned how to use Web sites like Facebook to disseminate viruses or steal identities.

"The Better Business Bureau is offering advice on how consumers can protect themselves against hackers, scammers and ID thieves on these social networking sites.

"`Social networking is extremely popular because it allows us to connect and reconnect with people we know and trust,` said Kathleen Calligan, BBB president/CEO, in a news release.

"`Scammers know that they can take advantage of that trust by masquerading as friends, families and coworkers in order to easily disseminate viruses or steal personal information such as bank or credit card numbers,` Calligan said."

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