Monday, January 26, 2009

Peek-A-Boo Bot Snarfs Screenshots

"Bot masters are now watching their prey more intently.

"While malicious programs typically monitor what the victims does on their computer, a bot program, known as Ozdok, snaps screenshots of what's on its host's screen and sends it back to a server on the Internet, security firm SecureWorks stated in a research note last week...

"Ozdok has become the largest spambot, according to data recently released by MessageLabs. Spam has again risen to levels not seen since the takedown of Internet hosting provider McColo, which resulted in a massive drop in junk e-mail. The largest botnet, however, is likely the one created by the Downadup worm, which has infected 10 million computers, by some estimates. The United States and China lead the world in computers compromised by botnets, according to data previously released by SecureWorks."

From SecurityFocus...

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