Saturday, January 10, 2009

County Clerk Promotes Identity Theft

"Thousands of Oklahomans' Social Security numbers may be listed online for anyone to see and they don't even know it.

"Pottawatomie County posts home sale and mortgage information on its Web site, but some home owners said the county is getting too personal about open records.

"`What the public needs to realize is, for years, Social Security numbers have been used,` said Pottawatomie County Clerk Nancy Bryce.

"She said the numbers have been available on the Web site for years and she can't black out the numbers to protect residents from identity theft.

"`Once it's on file in my office, it is public information,` Bryce said.

"Some Pottawatomie County residents said they're concerned about the situation.

"`Everybody can get into it and the next thing you know, there goes your credit and your identity,` one resident [said].

"Legal experts said the exposed information could be used by anyone who knows how to get credit or cash advances over the Internet.

"Bryce said the records have been online for six years and no one has reported any problems.

"`I don't think that's going to happen,` she said.

"Bryce also said anyone looking to mine Social Security numbers can also go into her office and look at hard copies of the documents."

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