Friday, July 9, 2010

Facebook Can Get You Killed

"WHNT NEWS 19 is tracking down new details on a murder-suicide in South Huntsville including information that shows the shooter and victim were friends at one time.

"Alan Brown is the man police say shot and killed another man before taking his own life. A friend of Brown says he leaves behind two children, a teenage son and a young daughter.

"The murder-suicide happened at an apartment off South Memorial Parkway. Witnesses in the area say they heard the two men arguing before hearing gunfire.

"WHNT NEWS 19 has uncovered a string of internet activity that links Brown to Lowhorne. It's on the social networking site, Facebook. We found postings from April made by Brown on Lowhorne's business page on Facebook. The comments were in a joking nature indicating the two may have been friends.

"There is also a recent picture on Lowhorne's personal Facebook page showing him with Alan Brown's wife, Christine, atop Lookout Mountain. Other postings on the page point to Lowhorne and Christine Brown having a romantic relationship. The page also show just a matter of hours before his death, Lowhorne had just changed his status on Facebook to `in a relationship.`

"WHNT NEWS 19 spoke with one of Brown's friends. Adrienne Griggs said Alan Brown, Christine Brown, and Ben Lowhorne were indeed friends. She also says her friend never showed he had the ability to kill anyone. The same friend believes something set Brown off.

"`I just couldn't see him doing anything like this. He was an extremely nice person,` said Griggs."

From WHNT News...

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