Friday, June 4, 2010

$30M ERP Clusterf*ck

"California's Marin County has sued Deloitte Consulting LLP for $30 million over an allegedly botched SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project.

"The lawsuit, filed in Marin County Superior Court last Friday, accuses Deloitte of misrepresenting its skills and capabilities when originally pitching for the project in 2004.

"The 38-page complaint alleges that Deloitte was lying when the company promised to assemble a team of its "best resources" for the project and when it claimed to have `deep SAP and public sector knowledge` when marketing itself to the county.

"Deloitte's misrepresentation of facts resulted in a defectively designed and deficiently implemented project that resulted in the county having to pay millions of dollars to remedy, the lawsuit alleged.

"Meanwhile, Deloitte is claiming that it fulfilled all of its obligations under the contract..."

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