Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oracle To Users: FUCK YOU

"Just five days after a Google researcher published information of an unpatched Java bug, a compromised song lyrics site is sending users to a Russian attack server exploiting the flaw to install malware, an antivirus firm said today.

"Last Friday, Google's Tavis Ormandy posted details of the Java vulnerability to the Full Disclosure security mailing list, spelling out how attackers could run unauthorized Java programs on a victim's machine by using a feature designed to let developers distribute their software. According to Ormandy, all versions of Java for Windows since SE 6 update 10 -- which debuted two years ago -- are vulnerable. Other operating systems running Java are unaffected, he said...

"Although Ormandy reported the flaw to Sun -- now part of Oracle -- he said the company declined to rush out a patch. `They informed me they do not consider this vulnerability to be of high enough priority to break their quarterly patch cycle,` Ormandy wrote on the mailing list. `I explained [to them] that I did not agree, and intended to publish advice to temporarily disable the affected control until a solution is available.`

"Oracle patched Java last week; its next regularly-scheduled update is slated for July."

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