Friday, December 4, 2009

Facebook Users PWN3D By Rubber Ducky, Cats

"In research commissioned by The Daily Telegraph, which has shocked even top fraud squad police, almost half of users in their 20s agreed to a request from a rubber duck to be Facebook `friends`.

"A similar result occurred with a group of internet users in their 50s, with many agreeing to be Facebook friends with a photo of two cats.

"Many of the Facebook users in both age groups volunteered some of their most intimate details to both the rubber duck and the cats, including their full date of birth, workplace, email address and location. Some even volunteered full addresses and phone numbers without prompting.

"The study was conducted by leading internet security firm Sophos.

"It has raised serious questions about the wisdom of average internet users, given the friend requests were sent without any introduction."

More at The Daily Telegraph...

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