Friday, November 27, 2009

Hinkyvision Coming SOON!

"Former national cyber czar Andy Purdy launched Cybercrime.TV today, an online development site for producers, directors, writers, experts, and others joining him in launching a television network that focuses on cyber criminals and those who enable them.

"`Cybercrime.TV is an online network for television people and computer people to work together,` said Purdy.

"The website provides tools to develop new projects and showcase them for production financing through Purdy and his associates. Membership is free, and members can upload videos and proposals, create groups, create forums, publish papers and articles, announce events, and publicize their programs.

"Cybercrime.TV, as a television network, will focus on all aspects of cybercrime in the form of news and talk shows, specials, movies, and original series.

"Topics of greatest interest to Purdy include cybersecurity, cyber terrorism, cyberstalking, encryption, financial crime, financial espionage, hackers, identity theft, information assurance, information warfare, Internet fraud, Internet privacy, Internet safety, malware, money laundering, network security, online predators, phishing, pirated software, social engineering, spamming, spoofing, spyware, and viruses."

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