Thursday, July 9, 2009

Much Ado About Diddly Squat

"Denial-of-service attacks against government Web sites in this country and South Korea appear to have had little impact and are not particularly sophisticated, experts say.

"`It’s a very noisy attack,` said Rick Howard, intelligence director at VeriSign iDefense, which provides cybersecurity and intelligence services for private- and public-sector organizations. `Everyone in government says it didn’t affect them that much.`

"`It’s been more of a nuisance,` said Phil Neray, vice president of security Strategy at Guardium. `We have countermeasures for denial-of-service attacks.`

"Several security companies have obtained the malicious code used to carry out the attacks. Symantec Corp. identified it as W32.dozer and a variant of the MyDoom worm that has infected a large number of computers."

More at Federal Computer Week...

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