Monday, May 18, 2009

GARTNER SEZ: Screw Vista

"IT analyst firm Gartner has told businesses to skip Vista and prepare to roll out Windows 7.

"Companies have traditionally been advised to wait until the first Service Pack of an operating system arrives before considering migration.

"However, Gartner is urging organisations that aren't already midway through Vista deployments to give the much-maligned operating system a miss.

"`Skip Vista and target Windows 7,` Gartner analysts Michael Silver and Stephen Kleynhans advise in a research paper. `Preparing for Vista will require the same amount of effort as preparing for Windows 7, so at this point, targeting Windows 7 would add less than six months to the schedule and would result in a plan that is more politically palatable, better for users, and results in greater longevity.`

"Even businesses that are midway through planning a Vista migration are urged to consider scrapping the deployment..."

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